About EegSoft, Inc.

EegSoft, Inc. is a company that specializes in software development for medical research. It was formed three years ago from a team that had more than 10 years experience in the business of producing computer software used in EEG (encephalogram) instruments for care and healing of the brain and nervous system. The founders of the company has a history of many–years’ collaboration with Barrow Neurological Institute at St.Joseph Hospital and Medical Center (Arizona, USA) and contributed in the medical research conducted in this institute, with significant implications for the care of patients suffering from epilepsy and brain disorders.
EegSoft, Inc. has a vast experience in development of applications for collection and interpretation of electroencephalograms, automated epileptic seizure and spike detection and drug injection systems. EegSoft, Inc. was a primary software developer for EEG instruments produced by Nicolet Biomedical, Inc., the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of medical instrumentation systems for neurophysiological diagnosis and monitoring, including EEG, EMG, EP, sleep analysis, epilepsy monitoring, and intra operative monitoring systems. These products include:

AllianceWorks™ Family
Bravo™ Multi-Modality System
EEGVue™ Universal EEG Viewer
EEG to Go™ EEG Player
BMSI 6000™ Long Term Monitoring System

We specialize in development of any kind of EEG software, including but not limited to:
EEG viewers for new EEG formats,
stand-alone or plug-in EEG analyzers to be used with existing EEG instruments,
converters from multiple manufactures’ binary EEG formats to ASCII format to be used in research laboratories,
EEG reporters tightly integrated with existent EEG products.
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