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EEG Reporter - EEG report generator tightly integrated with EEG Viewer. It imports patient and exam information (including EEG clippings!) directly from the digital EEG files (for new exams) or the embedded MS Access data base (for old exams). The EEG Reporter guides physician through the exam review to generate EEG report on personalized letterhead, with a minimum of routine work. The EEG Reporter generates immediate final reports and eliminates the need for dictation. Reports can be exported in batches to MS Word for entry into hospital medical records systems. All generated reports are kept in the data base. You can search this data base multiple and customizable search criteria! All MS Word features such as spell checking, document comparison, printing and formatting, e-mail etc. are available for editing the EEG reports. Use of automatically generated text in plain English, custom phrases, abbreviations and expansions, scoring of the degree of abnormality (whimsically called “badness”), automatic comparison of newly generated report with previous existing in data base etc. makes generated reports individual, specific and precise. >> more

EEG Reports Exporter - useful program for batch printing, e-mailing, exporting to different folders of EEG reports from the data base. It can be used by a secretary or other technical personnel to publish EEG reports or export them to hospital medical records systems. >> more

Moneytor - Watch your money grow! Input the amount and interest rate and Moneytor will do the rest. You can view your interest in real time. Return to Moneytor and it keeps calculating your balance. No need to check up on your CD's or bank accounts to see what you have earned. Or calculate and compare your expected rate of return versus your actual performance in the stock market. This full version lets you keep track of multiple accounts, look ahead to see much you will have in the future, and even calculate how long your money will last based on your assumptions. Available for iPhone, iPod and iPad on Apple Store now!

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