Software Overview: EEG Reporter

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EEG Reporter gently guides you through the following steps:
Patient information from the exam
Background amplitude, symmetry and continuity
Posterior background rhythm
Frequency spectrum
Normal variants
Focal slowing
Epileptiform activity
Activation: Hyperventilation and Photic stimulation
Drowsiness and Sleep

EEG Reporter can be linked to the EEG Review application so it can automatically import patient and technical information as well as EEG clippings from exam.


EEG Reporter automatically generates in plain English:
Summary of findings

All generated text is modifiable by the reader in free text mode

EEG Reporter creates a comprehensive Report with the following features:
Native Microsoft® Word format with text editing and comparison possibilities
Medical institution custom template with logo
Readers’ custom phrases
Readers’ signatures

EEG Reporter allows you to:
Print the EEG report
Export the EEG report as a document file in various formats (doc, htm, rtf)
E-mail the EEG report to other parties (referring physician, secretary, patient, etc.)
Batch the above tasks by date range for multiple EEG reports
Generate an immediate official report for the hospital unit or referring physician

EEG Reporter keeps EEG Report in a Data Base so that you can:
Retrieve previously created reports for review or printing
Automatically compare the current report to past records in the data base
Get statistical data for medical and scientific research
Build custom queries to search and select EEG reports meeting hundreds of different criteria
Export EEG reports by date range as Microsoft® Word files to allow input into electronic medical record systems


Minimum configuration:
Pentium 750 MHz
Windows NT/2000/XP
128 MB RAM
MS Word 2000

Recommended configuration:
Pentium 1.5 GHz or better
Windows 2000/XP
256 MB RAM or more
MS Word 2002

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