Download Software: EEG Reporter

Download and installation instructions:

Our software packages are available for 30 days trial period. It's free of charge. If you decided to purchase the software please call us at 1-602-432-9950.

To install and run our software packages you have to meet the following conditions:

- Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 must be installed on your computer. To install it follow this link:

- Microsoft Word 2000 with service release SR-1a or higher ( or Microsoft Word 2002 with service pack SP1 or higher ( must be present on your computer.

After you have Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. and appropriate MS Word service pack installed  on your computer follow download link and click 'Open' or 'Save' in the File Download dialog. If you choose 'Save' you must execute saved file to start installation. If you choose 'Open' installation will start automatically.

If EEG Reporter has been installed successfully but when launched it gives an error regarding Microsoft Data Access Component (MDAC) 2.6 not installed follow the link to install it.

Download Options

Download EEG Reporter for MS Word 2002

Download EEG Reporter for MS Word 2000



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