Welcome to EegSoft, Inc.

EegSoft, Inc. is a company that is engaged in development of software used in EEG (encephalogram) instruments for care and healing of the brain and nervous system of patients suffering from epilepsy and brain disorders.

We specialize in development of any kind of EEG software, including but not limited to:
EEG viewers for new EEG formats,
stand-alone or plug-in EEG analyzers to be used with existing EEG instruments,
converters from multiple manufactures’ binary EEG formats to ASCII format to be used in research laboratories,
EEG reporters tightly integrated with existent EEG products.

Products available:

EEG Reporter - EEG report generator tightly integrated with EEG Viewer. It guides a physician through the exam review to generate the EEG report on a personalized letterhead, with a minimum of routine work. The EEG Reporter generates immediate final reports and eliminates the need for dictation. >> more

EEG Report Exporter - useful program for batch printing, e-mailing, and exporting to different folders of EEG reports from the data base. It can be used by a secretary or other technical personnel to publish EEG reports, export them to hospital medical records systems, and send them to referring physicians. >> more

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